mikeyCommon Sense Machine is based out of Pompano Beach, Florida and specializes in the fabrication of custom mounting hardware for all kinds of diving and boat related applications.

Mike Koenig began his machinist career in Houston, Texas working in the aerospace industry for both Boeing and NASA. In 1996 he moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida working for a company that installed M.A.N. Diesel Engines in boats. Mike’s job was to design, machine and install mounting brackets for the massive engines that there were no standards or factory parts for.

In 1998, Mike began also working as a Dive Master and subsequently obtained his Captain’s License which saw a career change to full time captain’s work. Now full time in the Diving Industry, Mike began to witness more and more still and video camera’s becoming a part of the diving experience and saw a real need for ways to make the cameras more manageable by the diver. Utilizing his skill as a machinist, he fabricated several fixtures which allowed for the mounting of GoPro cameras to spear guns, gaffes, underwater head gear and even some cave exploration gear. These custom mounts provide the operator a much better experience with their camera. As word spread, Mike began making more and more custom mounts for customers all over Southern Florida. To contact Mike, please call (954) 696-8792 or email: mike@commonsensemachine.com

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