Welcome to Common Sense Machine, manufacturer of custom camera mounts for GoPro and Intova cameras, and all kinds of diving underwater related activities.

All mounts are currently being manufactured for both GoPro® and INTOVA® camera housings

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Type I Single Hand Diving Mount

Type 1 Single Hand Mount

Type II Dual Hand Diving Mount

Type 2 Dual Hand Mount

Type III GP Tapered Mount

Type 3 GP Tapered Mount

Type 4 GP Universal Mount Mount

Type 4 GP Universal Mount

Type 7 Speargun Mount

Type 7 Speargun Mount

Type 5 Tubing Mount

The crew at CSM has exstensive knowledge of diving and water practices in the military and civilian world. We have used these mounts under extreme conditions and have had no problems with breakage or loss of cameras due to cracking, breaking or wear and tear. Bottom line is that these mounts are solid and will never be the first point of failure.

We recommend after every in water use a fresh water rinse, allowing to dry thoroughly and then an application of a light coat of clear silicone based spray lubricant.

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